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John R. Kriaski, President and CEO
John R. Kriaski is President and Chief Executive Officer of SEMICOMP Data Management Systems LTD. Having founded the company in 1992, Mr. Kriaski successfully and systematically expanded the company into what it is today. With SEMICOMP originally designing data management platforms for the healthcare industry, Mr. Kriaski expanded the scope of services by retaining professionals from other industries to help conceptualize and design multi-industry software platforms. Through his vision, the company differs from others by offering an unparalleled level of customization typically not possible through competitive software suites. 
After serving eight years in the United States Marine Corps, Mr. Kriaski received dual Bachelor degrees in Computer Science and Hospital Administration from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1988; and an MS in Computer Science from the University of California, Berkley in 1990. He served on the Governor's Council on Competitive Technology from 1996 through 1998.

Steven J. Beers, Vice President and CFO
Steven J. Beers is Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of SEMICOMP Data Management Systems LTD. He became the company's second CF0 in 2004, following accomplishments of financial responsibility. Since joining the company, Mr. Beers oversaw the management of assets, ultimately leading to the doubling of Sales and Marketing, and increased profitability. Mr. Beers received a Bachelors degree in Economics from Clemson University in 1998; and formerly served as Senior Analyst for Mercedes Benz Corporation of North America. 

Connie Seymour-Heitz, Vice President of Sales and Marketing


Connie Seymour-Heitz is Vice President of Sales and Marketing of SEMICOMP Data Management Systems LTD. She joined the company in 2004, after a successful six year tenure with AT&T Mobility as head of Sales and Marketing Operations in the State of Hawaii. Ms. Seymour-Heitz received a Bachelors degree in Business Administration from the University of Hawaii in 1992; and a subsequent MBA in 1994. She is responsible for all Sales and Marketing operations.